Hunters in the Night - The Nightcrafters Book 1

Hunters in the Night -
Book 1 of The Nightcrafters Trilogy

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Real magic can only be done in the dark, but every Nightcrafter must learn to master the dangerous creatures living in the shadows.
Magic meets science in this thrilling urban fantasy tale.

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Spies in the Dark - Book 2 of the Nightcrafters

Spies in the Dark - Book 2 of The Nightcrafters Trilogy

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The Nightcrafters epic saga continues as Kal, Newton, and Dominique fight a new hidden threat. This latest trial will require all their wit and courage as Newton helps Kal discover new nightcrafter magic, and unlikely alliances are made.

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Fire in the Shadows - The Nightcrafters Trilogy Book 3

Fire in the Shadows - Book 3 of The Nightcrafters Trilogy

Coming Fall 2016. Pre-order today.

The Nightcrafters Trilogy comes to an exciting conclusion.

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Sci-fi and fantasy author Ramsey Isler

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In addition to his science fiction and fantasy tales, Ramsey is also an accomplished television and film critic. He's written hundreds of reviews and feature articles on the art of visual storytelling. He was also the author of a weekly feature on the anime industry and the influence of Japanese animation on modern US youth culture.

Also, he really likes cats.